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Get Up To 4,000 TV Channels On Your PC For A Small One-Time Fee

Why Pay Over $90/Month For Cable or Satellite TV When You Can Get Thousands Of Channels On Your PC For A Small One-Time Fee?

Our service offers up to 4,000 TV channels from all across the world, including sports, TV shows, music, films, weather, kids channels, and much more. Our software offers access to up to 4,000 TV channels within seconds, as soon as you download it, you can start watching with no hassle.

Our software is a perfect solution to satellite TV fees, or if you simply want an alternative satellite TV service.

Our software suits your needs especially if you:

Would like a larger selection of channels, that your current provider does not offer.

Are tired of missing all your favourite TV shows due to not having the channels with your current subscription.

Would like to watch all your favourite sports live from all across the world, directly on your PC.

Are fed up of paying hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year on satellite/cable TV.

Travel a lot and are not able to watch your favourite TV shows due to this.

Live in a country that does not provide satellite and would like the opportunity to watch thousands of TV channels.


You can use our software on unlimited computers. Install our software at home, or even at work if you wish to do so.

Instant Access To Our Software As Soon As You Order

No Reoccurring Fees, You Pay Once And Keep The Software Forever - Free Updates Included

Start Watching Channels Within 5 Minutes Of Purchase

No Spyware Or Adware

No Need To Purchase Anything After Download


Instantly Turn Your PC Into A Super TV!

Note: These channels are for display purposes only and are only demonstrations:

Watch the Top TV stations from USA and 70 other countries around the world, from wherever you are, whenever you want!

Watch TV in English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Greek, French, Russian, Dutch, Indian and more!

You will receive stations from the following countries:

Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dom Republic

New Zealand

Puerto Rico
Russian Fed
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Vatican City
United Kingdom
United States

All that is required with our software is an internet connection to instantly gain access to up to 4,000 channels at the touch of a click. Why pay hundreds/thousands of dollars every year in satellite fees, for a fraction of what we provide?

Here are just a few of the categories provided:

News and weather, Animal Channels, Documentaries, Anime TV, Family, Sports, Business, Finance, Cartoons, Classic films, Children's TV, Shopping, Vacation & Tourist, Auto Racing, International, Movies, Cultural TV, Comedy.

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 Join Thousands Of Other People Receiving Up To 4,000 TV Channels On Their PC - From Wherever In The World You Are! Works In Any Country!


Main Features:

No monthly fees to pay, or ridiculous equipment to install, with our technology you never pay monthly service fees! ever

Instant download, immediately after payment start watching, simple, easy installation

Get up to 4,000 TV channels worldwide!

No other charges! simply download the software and start enjoying your broadcasts within just 5 minutes!

Live sports events directly on your PC

Works anywhere in the world!

100% safe/legal guaranteed! The channels we provide are public broadcasts!

Free updates and technical support

Bonus of huge selection of radio stations at no extra cost


Tired of missing your favourite sports events? Watch them live on your PC with our service.

Why Should I Go With Your Service?

At the moment, chances are, you are paying over $60 a month for satellite/cable, and probably only receiving a few hundreds channels, if that. You don't need to anymore! You can instantly turn your PC into a super TV with our software and no longer have to worry about satellite and cable bills. Maybe you currently do not have cable or satellite, how would you like to enjoy all your favourite TV shows, movies, sports and much more, all from the comfort of your PC? You will no longer miss your favourite sports events or TV shows. Perhaps you live in a busy household and need a second TV, our service can act as that! be the envy of your friends and family, get instant access up to 4000 TV channels on the very PC you are using right now!

Average satellite/cable TV cost for the year - $720

Satellite PC Box - Small One-Time Fee (See Our Sale Price Below)


You will be able to watch all of your favourite satellite TV channels on your PC or laptop, wherever you are, whenever you want.


See what real people are saying about our service:

"This software allows me to watch all of my favourite channels that I am not able to at home, I am surprised with how many channels this software has and only having to pay for it once means I can enjoy free satellite TV on my PC forever" - James C - UK

"I wasn't expecting so many working channels, I honestly have to say that this little piece of software just blew me away. I can finally enjoy those football games I was always missing while being away from home" - Vadim T - Romania

Start enjoying your favourite TV directly on your PC


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?

Yes, absolutely, the channels we provide are public broadcasts and are 100% legal to watch!

Do I need any special equipment?

All you need is a computer or laptop, with a broadband or dial-up connection. No special equipment is needed.

Will this work on my PC?

Absolutely! This software has been tested and works with Windows. This software will not work on Linux however, or a MAC.

Can I enjoy your service from anywhere in the world?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy our service from anywhere in the world.

Which sports can I watch with your package?

Our software will let you watch baseball, football, rugby, soccer, cricket and many more sports, from all across the world.


Why Choose Our Service?

Compared to other satellite TV on PC services, we offer far better value. The average satellite TV for PC service gives you a few hundred TV channels, for at least $70, we provide you with up to 4,000 TV channels for a one-time fee of just $49.95. You won't find a better value price anywhere else for such a wide variety of high quality TV channels directly on your PC. By joining our service today, you will save yourself thousands of dollars on satellite or cable TV fees.

Instant Download

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  • You will get immediate access to the software once you have paid

  • No shipping or handling charges

  • No waiting for the mail

  • Start enjoying your favourite TV in less than 5 minutes from now

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Turn your PC into a Super-TV today and say goodbye to monthly satellite and cable fees!

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100% Cashback Satisfaction Guarantee

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